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My New Research Assistant, Stuart

Stuart Stoddingham, Research AssistantMy friend, Stuart stopped by my office this morning. He had a new book to share with me. He’s my research assistant. I wasn’t looking for a research assistant. In fact, I didn’t know I needed one.

I met him on a Thursday afternoon at the market. He was hanging around one of the stands looking particularly confused.

“Excuse me, sir, is everything alright?” I asked.

Startled, he jumped a little. I might have spoken too loudly. “No, this is not right. I am not supposed to be here.” He replied, pacing back and forth on the shelf. read more

What’s Holding You Back?

Two Ideas and One Word That Suck the Life Out of You

Until Memorial Day weekend of 2011, I drank Diet Coke religiously. After years of drinking Diet Coke, I had ritualized it. It had to be Diet Coke, not Diet Pepsi, Diet Rite or another diet cola. It had to be on tap from a fountain, not in a can or plastic bottle – although cold in a glass bottle would be acceptable on occasion. The large cup had to be about two-thirds full of ice cube (smaller ice cubes were acceptable, but less were needed). McDonalds and 7-Eleven had the best fountain mixtures. I had to stop drinking Diet Coke by 2 p.m. otherwise the caffeine would give me nightmares.

Create a SMART Goal

Steps to Your Success

In order to achieve a goal, you gotta get specific about what exactly you’re going to achieve. You also need to state your final outcome. What steps do you need to talk to achieve our goal? What are you going to achieve? How will you know when you’ve met your goal?

Using the SMART method, you can easily build your plan to achieve your goal.

We’re All Afraid

interesting_dmkI’m a Fool.

I’d be a fool if I didn’t admit that I allowed fear to run my life, for a time. I feared failure. I feared success. I feared losing weight. I feared gaining weight. I feared finding the love of my life. I feared losing the love of my life. I feared losing my job. I feared finding a job. Once I had lost the love of my life, I feared never finding love again. I feared keeping it once I found it again.

In all that fear, I found that fear sucks. It sucked the life out of me. It zapped my energy leaving me a lump on the couch. I found that with fear as my companion, I couldn’t see any answers. I only saw fear sitting next to me.

You’re Not a Failure. You’re Not Broken.

I’ve often heard people say when they failed to meet their goals that meant they were a failure. Feeling like a failure, they believed they were broken and needed to be fixed. Somehow, they needed to alter themselves, take the right pill, find the right diagnosis… something, in order to be not broken. They needed to be fixed.

I don’t believe I’m a failure nor can I be broken. My bones can break (and I’ve broken a few). I may not reach the goal in a specific period of time, but I become a failure. I believe I’m not broken, and I’m not a failure.

So often, we identify with a description or label. This limits our thinking and beliefs.

Get Started and Set Your Goal

OMG! Where Do I Start?

There’s an old saying; You can’t step into the same river twice. If that’s true, can we agree that we cannot solve a repeating issue or problem or achieve a goal the same way, especially if we’ve tried and missed the mark in the past? Besides, if you try to solve a problem the same way and expect different results, but don’t get different results then, here’s another great saying: You will always get what you always got.

So what do you do?

That’s a great question. Let’s get started. read more

The Creation of a Goddess, Durga

Durga, Warrior GoddessLong ago, many years after Brahma thought of the Universe and Saraswati created it, there was a great and powerful demon, Mahi Asura. He hungered power and asked the God of Gods, Brahma, what he could do to become more powerful. Brahma instructed the demon what to do, and Mahi Asura set off to perform the deeds to become more powerful.

Meanwhile, the gods, Indra, Vishnu and Varuna, which were to protect all the good in the universe were found resting on their laurels. Over the years, they assumed their current powers and abilities were enough to handle any situation. That all changed as Mahi Asura gained more and more power through time and dedication to his practices. Mahi Asura tested his powers by battling the gods and goddesses. Because of Mahi Asura’s dedication to his studies, he easily won battles and took over many of the duties performed by the gods and goddesses. read more

Short Tall Tale #3: The Spider on the Porch

Dedicated to all those who have met the spiders in Florida and lived to tell the tale.

While staying in Florida for the summer, I realized that Texas had nothing on Florida when it came to the size of bugs. Texas may do some things big, but Florida grew it’s bugs big and reptiles even bigger, and they were everywhere.

Short Tall Tale #2: The Worst Mistake You Could Make

When something tragic happens like the death of a spouse or divorce – which is almost worse than someone dying – a person can do one of two things: stay safe or make a terrible decision.

This is the story of one woman who made a terrible decision.

Short Tall Tale #1: Secret Murals

Living life according to societal rules sucks. Richie finds that living a lie is much better than the truth.